Sustainability - Our vision and strategy

Different people attach different meaning to the word sustainability. We at Vivaan define it as meeting the ever changing requirements of our current generation and also conserving the resources for the fulfillment of the needs of our future generations. Hence we consequently take the accountability to boost the economic prosperity, preserve the ecological worth and also shouldering our social responsibility towards individuals, mother nature, and revenues Rim Approach (Revenues, Individuals, Mother Nature) The term RIM means circumference or an outer edge. We at Vivaan believe in creating a process which entangles the benefits of stake holders individuals and Mother nature simultaneously and consequently fetching them a finer edge.


Vivaan is a business body hence we look at multiplying profits and hence create strategies that are economically sustainable and conducive to the growth of all associated with us. All of the products we manufacture are natural and the processes involved are eco friendly and cost efficient paving a way for commercial success. In our flourishing financial system the capability of delivering affordable dietary supplements and natural food colors to secure the health of individuals is of utmost importance :We intervene to leverage the process of framing sustainable business models to meet the needs of the people at the bottom of the pyramid. Apart from this we contribute to the economical development of local farmers by adding value to their crops and becoming a source of regular income to them and apparently helping them secure their earnings.


Our brand commitment is to create better lives for individuals now and forever. This means we enhance their lives through our products and new tinges of innovation. Therefore helping them not only rejuvenate themselves but also improve their performance and productivity consequently. We also nurture long term relationships with our suppliers and therefore give them the exposure to the global market. We also scale up our local employees and polish their technical skills and handhold them to meet the dynamic needs of our industry.

Mother Nature

Our objective is to touch the lives of our population by exposing them to the wonders of nature and help them sustain a healthy well being. We also believe in repaying our dues and conserving its merit and worth .Our manufacturing processes and the entire value chains are more energy efficient and less wasteful. We intend to improve our energy efficiency by 10 % by 2017. We also promote eco friendly organic farming and have also trained our skilled laborers on implementing new methods of soil preservation and ecosystem enrichment.

CSR Activity

Guided by our philosophy, "Making india more healthier and safer". Vivaan Herbals & Healthcare is addressing basic needs of people worldwide through its Medical, Scientific Solutions, as well as through corporate social initiatives that utilize technologies and knowledge for the benefit of society.

We have been actively working toward sustainable development with society through various corporate citizenship activities around india.

Vivaan has undertaken numerous initiatives aimed at developing the communities around which the Company conducts its operations. The overriding objective is to create value and ensure all inclusive growth.